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  • Industrial geometric

    Industrial geometric

    What: An old tower Where: Somewhere in Germany Why: This photo is hanging in my own livingroom, that is how much I like it. I think that by now it is clear I enjoy geometric shapes and this photo has quite some of that. It is a field full of lines and triangles, squares, hexagons, […]

  • Geometrical furni

    Geometrical furni

    What: Furniture made by Jeroen Verdaasdonk Where: Object Rotterdam as part of Art Rotterdam Week Why: By now I guess people are much aware that I like geometrical stuff. In fact, where was this table when I was looking for new furniture for my apartment last year? I mean, I couldn’t find this. So now […]

  • Cubical


    What: Piece of glasswork by Elias Bohumil sr. Where: Jan van der Togt Museum , Amstelveen (Netherlands)[locations id=”185″] Why: Cubic and colourful, the geometric forms always interest me so this caught my attention right away. if the colours had be slightly different I would say a 3d mondriaan. De Stijl has been re-trending lately so […]

  • Glow


    What: Light art project Elantica by Tom Dekyvere Where: Glow Eindhoven 2017 Why: It’s colourful, it’s geometric it’s art. What more do we need?