Category: Vintage

  • The man with the lamb

    The man with the lamb

    What: A statue of a man with a lamb Where: Collectors fair, Utrecht (Netherlands) Why: Well, do I need to explain? Really the man is carring a little lamb, is that not the most adorable thing? At first I thought it might be a biblical figure, but honestly I don’t really know a lot about […]

  • Where did the rum go?

    Where did the rum go?

    What: Old globe Where: Boat De Seven Provincien, Bataviawerk (Netherlands) Why: Every old library has a globe. And seeing one in this ship made me remember of those days dreaming of having such a classic library myself. One must have dreams, right?!

  • I will be cabinet

    I will be cabinet

    What: An old cabinet. Probably used in a store somewhen Where: Vintagefair in Utrecht, NL Why: The think has charm. The paint leftovers on it, so raw after it was once a steady thing. Well, look at the back of it, so pretty decorative. Like a staircase. Simply elegant.

  • Serenity in Dom garden

    Serenity in Dom garden

    What: Inner yard of the Dom Where: Utrecht, Netherlands Why: I love to be there, especially in the morning. But also when it’s lunch time. I pick up a sandwich somewhere and sit down between the arches, the lovely garden and the gothic environments are peaceful. Brings you back to a moment of serenity when […]

  • Justice


    What: Posters Where: Vintage fair Why: The whole captivated me, the combination of the two. It creates drama. Ok, it is drama. The right one is a theater poster. About the left one, I have no information.

  • Factory


    What: Industrial surrounding Where: Germany (location too urbex to share) Why: The industrial touch of this place is inspiring. The way the light came into the dark area, the old windows, the glass half broken sometimes, yet giving that distorted feel. Lovely to be around