• Pteridium Aquilinium – Nature’s pageant queen

    Pteridium Aquilinium – Nature’s pageant queen

    What: Beautiful leaf – Pteridium Aquilinium Where: Doetinchem (Netherlands) Why: Aren’t they just the most majestic ones out there. Walking in a moist environment, they are shiny and while approaching them on a sunny day you will see a certain glow. Their shapes are light and while seen in a large group of plants they […]

  • Strange guy

    Strange guy

    What: Strange guy Where: Utrecht (Netherlands) Why: During a project called “Skeletons in your closet” I have done in 2013 I have came across this strange little guy. It was really something i would not have expected to find and I was amazed at the art that one can make with some old bones. Rarity […]

  • Wear the crown of frost

    Wear the crown of frost

    What: Wear the crown of frost. Where: Veenendaal, Netherlands Why: In the time that climate change is upon us, the question rises whether the earth is simply tilting, seasons shifting. Where once was severe winter snow, cold and ice is now a moderate winter. Iceskating is something the next generation will not grow up with. […]

  • Fibers


    What: Fibers 01 from the Fiber collection by Sabine van Gameren Where: RTIS headquarters (Netherlands) Why: We are surrounded by them. Fibers. From the clothes you wear, to the blanket you are using to rag you swipe your furniture off with. When looking closer you experience the art that these fibers create on a deeper […]

  • Puddle, no huddle

    Puddle, no huddle

    What: Puddle of water in a dead tree Where: Amerongense berg (Netherlands) Why: Sometimes all you need to calm down is some moments in nature and where often people are drawn to the most gigantic ensembles that nature is giving us, like the highest mountain, the deepest see, the widest river in the area sometime […]

  • When suddenly Johnny gets the feeling he’s being surrounded by horses, horses, horses, horses

    When suddenly Johnny gets the feeling he’s being surrounded by horses, horses, horses, horses

    What: Free roaming horses in nature. Where: Planken Wambuis, Ede (NL Why: I have always been a horse person, I have been riding most of my youth, given care to abused horses and helped children getting ready for their lessons. Here the horses roam free in nature. It would be a step to far to […]

  • Heather in bloom

    Heather in bloom

    What: Purple heather flower Where: Deelerwoud, Netherlands Why: Heather in bloom is one of the most beautiful things to witness. A purple see of beauty is shaping the landscape and when you are early enoughthe rising sun wil make it glow. Also, if you are not early enough you will be surrounded by many, many […]

  • Cupcake dream – Vegan wedding style

    Cupcake dream – Vegan wedding style

    What: A cupcake Where: Somewhere in Heinlo Why: At my brother’s wedding we were asked to make cupcakes (vegan). As I don’t bake vegan and I also heard that someone would make huge load I just skipped. BUT my nephew made this one and he is a chef so I had to go get it. […]

  • Flamingo


    What: A flamingo by Yasmina da Flamingo Where: Object Rotterdam in HAKA gebouw. Why: People who know me well enough are aware of the fact that I adore flamingoes. Not in the way that I have random items with flamingoes, but simply the animal itself. Their bright colors, the way they are always in a […]

  • Golden apple

    Golden apple

    What: Tabletop setting with golden apple as the star Where: At my house. Why: Because I adore these individual items a lot and they fit together very well. I start to like the golden theme a bit more, I have not been much into gold most of my live, rather being in team silver. However, […]

  • Lava vase

    Lava vase

    What: A lava vase Where: At my own home. Why a lava vase: The very first time I saw the vase I was hooked. I like the black, raw structure on it. Not immediately making me think of lava, but that what it was called when I saw it in the store. The shape is […]

  • Chocolate bar girl

    Chocolate bar girl

    What: Photo of girl by Mauricio Valverde Arce Where: Choco Café Don Juan, Monteverde (Costa Rica) Why: Even though I did not have my camera along while just going out for some food, I knew I had to post this photo on Random Things I Saw, so therefore it is just a cellphone shot. I […]

  • Swaying angel

    Swaying angel

    What Swaying angel by Raúl Quintanilla armijo Where:  Museo De Arte y Diseno Contemporaneo, San Jose (Costa Rica) Why: When I was in Costa Rica I visited the MADC. On exhibition was Rául. Rául is an artist from Nicaragua and he has seen a lot in his life. That, judged by his art as he seem […]

  • Don’t you hate that?

    Don’t you hate that?

    What: A painting by Alexei Gordin (click for portfolio) Where: Kiasma, Helsinki (Finland) Why: As soon as I saw this painting I had to think of those internet memes saying: ‘Don’t you hate it when that happens’.  Because, isn’t that the purpose of art in some way? Making people think about it longer than just […]

  • War victims

    War victims

    What: National monument remembering our war victims Where: Kamp Amersfoort, Netherlands Why: I use to live very near this statue, but as it is quite hidden in the forest and not really has much signs pointing towards it, not strange that I completely missed about it for years.  However, in the second world war quite […]

  • Industrial geometric

    Industrial geometric

    What: An old tower Where: Somewhere in Germany Why: This photo is hanging in my own livingroom, that is how much I like it. I think that by now it is clear I enjoy geometric shapes and this photo has quite some of that. It is a field full of lines and triangles, squares, hexagons, […]

  • Sun through the luxaflex

    Sun through the luxaflex

    What: A piece of art I found at the collection of the museum Where: Jan van der Togt museum, Amstelveen (Netherlands)[locations id=’185′] Why: It is one piece of art that was kind of tucked away. The moment I spotted it between various other random arts, placed in a manner that did not give it full […]

  • Bodypositivity is not new

    Bodypositivity is not new

    What: Modest Temperance Triumphant over Shamelessness  by P.R. Rubens Where: Pure Rubens  exhibition at Boijmans,  Rotterdam[locations id=’169′] Why: I received the invitation to opening of the exhibition of Rubens at Boijmans  and I gave myself some food for thought. Is this not something too far back in time to my likings? So, time to analyse […]

  • The Angel

    The Angel

    What: The Angel by Michaël Borremans Where: Why: If it is called The Angel I, as a metalhead, immediately say or think ‘of death’ after it. And that kind of is why this one was part of the exhibition  Anima Mundi. Ironically, the search of what enhances life and death is something that we all deal […]

  • The man with the lamb

    The man with the lamb

    What: A statue of a man with a lamb Where: Collectors fair, Utrecht (Netherlands) Why: Well, do I need to explain? Really the man is carring a little lamb, is that not the most adorable thing? At first I thought it might be a biblical figure, but honestly I don’t really know a lot about […]