• Bounded rock

    Bounded rock

    What: Bond by Anna Reivilä . Out of a serie of bounded natural objects like a rock, trees pieces of ice etc.  Where: Kiasma, Helsinki (Finland)[locations id=’180′] Why: For a black and white to capture me, it needs to be extraordinary. As in concert photography, which is my own field of photography, black and white is…

  • Welcome to the circus

    Welcome to the circus

    What: Circus made in 1937 by Birger Carlstedt Where: Helsinki Art Museum, Finland[locations id=”203″] Why: I ran into this painting while I was visiting the exhibition about Paris. Various artists were inspired by the romance of this city and HAM brought it together for people to see. The circus was part of that as well. Smartly…

  • Cats and boobs

    Cats and boobs

    What: Cats and boobs by Xeniya Balsara Where: Helsinki, during Gay Pride Why: During the exhibition, the whole collection got pulled. Regardless the fact that it was a gay pride event it apparantly was not found appropriate enough. What a stupid way of censor, something we did not expact to happen anno 2018. One may…

  • Rain Bowl

    Rain Bowl

    What:    Diversity of bowls by Geert Lap  Where: [locations id=”169″] Boijmans van Beuningen, rotterdam (netherlands)   Why: I liked the colours, so soft and nicely arranged. If I saw it in a store I would want them all!

  • Faces


    What:Faces – Portraits by Wanda Tuerlinckx Where:Boijmans, Rotterdam(Netherlands)[locations id=”169″] Why:I walked into it and smiled, these look so dead. Which was kind of the point. Somewhat oddly arranged, could be straight from Emily the Strange.

  • Colourful visions

    Colourful visions

    What:Some breathing colour by Hella Jongerius Where:Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (Netherlands)[locations id=”169″] Why:I like vivid colours and how the light, the surroundings and the time of the day influence how you see them. Something I valued from my early photography years until this very day. Hella did a whole exhibitionon it. It is the explainationmark…

  • Second Skin

    Second Skin

      What:Outfit designed by Grayson Perry Where:Kiasma, Helsinki (Finland)[locations id=”180″] Why:It’s not mine, just to state 😉 But hey, the art of mr Perry is often so bright and colorful that this black leather restictive clothing seems so odd with it. Restriction is maybe something I have seen as a theme in other works also,…

  • The Upper Class

    The Upper Class

    What: The Upper Class At Bay by Grayson Perry Where: Kiasma, Helsinki (Finland)[locations id=”180″] Why: It is so easy to look at this thing quickly and think you see the core, but standing in front of it you see the majestic work it must have been to make. To the thread, this is art extravaganza.…

  • Apkar


    What: APKAR Where: Art Rotterdam Why: APKAR – Artist Previously Known As Refugee. Do I need to say more? I mean, If you can see the heart of the artist at his work… This is it.

  • Double noir

    Double noir

    What: Double Noir by Namanja Nikolic Where: Art Rotterdam Why: The darkness suits me. And so it does to many. The image itself is a bit mystifying but it is part of a video installation. To see the whole is to get the experience right. However, a little teaser every once in a while is…

  • Peony


    What: Peony Rose Where: My window, Netherlands Why: Girl got to allow herself some flowers. My imagination goes wild with these. Tentacles, a heart, monsters… I see it. Mostly due to some friends being obsessed with either of these.

  • Where did the rum go?

    Where did the rum go?

    What: Old globe Where: Boat De Seven Provincien, Bataviawerk (Netherlands) Why: Every old library has a globe. And seeing one in this ship made me remember of those days dreaming of having such a classic library myself. One must have dreams, right?!

  • I will be cabinet

    I will be cabinet

    What: An old cabinet. Probably used in a store somewhen Where: Vintagefair in Utrecht, NL Why: The think has charm. The paint leftovers on it, so raw after it was once a steady thing. Well, look at the back of it, so pretty decorative. Like a staircase. Simply elegant.

  • Holes


    What: Art by unknown artist. Where: Saw it at Van Nelle fabriek, Rotterdam Why: I just like it. The black on the outside, the white on the inside. Holes. Cheesy. what can I say…

  • Antye Strange

    Antye Strange

    What: Art by Antye Guenther Where: Art Rotterdam 2018 (Netherlands) Why: I adored the black and white contrast here. Dark and strange. the walls of this room at Art Rotterdam were kind of odd, but perhaps you had to experience that live. You get the feeling something is not quite right there.

  • Hit the lights

    Hit the lights

    What: Furniture made by Jeroen Verdaasdonk Where: Object Rotterdam as part of Art Rotterdam Week Why: Well, I did want to show you these ones as well after the previous article about Jeroen Verdaasdonk’s designs. I liked them and you know, if it’s nice, let’s post it twice! 🙂

  • Geometrical furni

    Geometrical furni

    What: Furniture made by Jeroen Verdaasdonk Where: Object Rotterdam as part of Art Rotterdam Week Why: By now I guess people are much aware that I like geometrical stuff. In fact, where was this table when I was looking for new furniture for my apartment last year? I mean, I couldn’t find this. So now…

  • Cup of tea?

    Cup of tea?

    What: A teaset. Or cacao set. Where: Accidentally ended in my storage. Why: It’s a family piece and belongs to my father. It accidentally ended up in my stuff and I found it when I was looking for something to put in my livingroom. I liked the yellow colout and the crackly texture. The story…

  • Hidden treasures

    Hidden treasures

    What: I don’t really know exactly what this is. I used it as a mini vase Where: I found it in my possession between the ceramics that have been kept for me since I was a child. Why: Im captivated with it. It looks lovely, butwhat its precise function is, I don’t know. Lovely little…

  • Cubical


    What: Piece of glasswork by Elias Bohumil sr. Where: Jan van der Togt Museum , Amstelveen (Netherlands)[locations id=”185″] Why: Cubic and colourful, the geometric forms always interest me so this caught my attention right away. if the colours had be slightly different I would say a 3d mondriaan. De Stijl has been re-trending lately so…