• Hand on face

    Hand on face

    What: Selfie bij Ans Markus Where: Jan van der Togt Museum , Amstelveen (Netherlands)[locations id=”185″] Why: I like the versatility of this piece. You can see this in so many ways. A hand that caresses the face. The hand that’s been brought to face when watching something intensively or the hand that’s there to give…

  • Beads for religion

    Beads for religion

    What: Art by Maria Roosen Where: De Kade, Amersfoort (Netherlands) [locations id=”190″] Why: It’s that thing that’s hard to miss. The beads are the main thing here, but one would easily be tempten to stand in the middle of it. It ain’t your show though. As said before the whole exhibition did not seem to…

  • Boombox-art


    What: Streetart of a guy listening to his gettoblaster Where: Leipzich, Germany Why: It made me smile, a musicfan like me can enjoy this. The linework and it being black and white only is giving it its strength. It was made on a screen to deprive your sight from constructionwork.

  • Serenity in Dom garden

    Serenity in Dom garden

    What: Inner yard of the Dom Where: Utrecht, Netherlands Why: I love to be there, especially in the morning. But also when it’s lunch time. I pick up a sandwich somewhere and sit down between the arches, the lovely garden and the gothic environments are peaceful. Brings you back to a moment of serenity when…

  • Kids of Iceland

    Kids of Iceland

    What: Kids of Iceland, on a street display Where: Reykjavik, Iceland Why: The kids all have their interesting faces but the passengers not always seem to be aware of the kids staring at them or the funny looks it makes when you observe it from a distance. I have a bunch of photo’s but the…

  • Gothenburg sails away

    Gothenburg sails away

    What: Artwork I ran into on the streets. Artist unknown. Where: Near Göteborgs Opera. Gothenburg, Sweden Why: I liked the playful curly lines. The day was somewhat gray and rainy, but this sort of cheered me up.

  • Healthy habits

    Healthy habits

    What: Fruitbasket by ORZ Where: On my dinnertable Why: I love the alessi and always wanted one. But when I was searching for a fruitbasket I somehow strayed away from that and ended up with this one. The lines in the design intrigue me, the shadows it cast when the light falls onto it. And,…

  • Cradle


    What: Uno Saito – Cradle A piece of glass artwork Where: Unfortunately not at my home. It’s at the exhibition of Jan van der Togt Museum [locations id=”185″] Why: I really liked the use of he colours, the sparkle in it. It reminds me to my time in Japan where I saw these colours so…

  • Truth is a lie

    Truth is a lie

    What: Painting by Hans Kanters Where: Jan van der Togt Museum in Amstelveen (Netherlands) [locations id=”185″] Why: I loved witchy creature in her dreamworld. She seems unaffected by opinion of the community, an annoyed careless look for those who feel to comment. A very imaginative world!

  • Fountain


    What: Fountain Where: Zagreb (Croatia) Why: I adored the serenity around it… with a little more of the busy life of nowadays in te background. Contrast. We need it in life to escape every once in a while

  • Red Star Line

    Red Star Line

    What: Red Star Line poster Where: Vintage fair, Jaarbeurs Utrecht (Netherlands) Why: Got to love a piece of history. In NL there is the Holland-Amerika lijn. Belgium had the Red Star Line. This the French poster actually. If you would like to know more about it, you can read this website.

  • One


    What: Yksi storefront Where: Eindhoven (Netherlands) Why: The color drew my attention at first, but the Finnish name was certainly next. Looking through the window, one gets to see a quite industrial, somewhat silly design. Playful!

  • Christmasspirit


    What: Christmasdecoration. Candle: Ikea Holder: Long time in private collection. Where: My Christmastable (Netherlands) Why: When I saw this red candle with this effect, I just knew I wanted it. Just adds a little more than just a solid red one, but is not overly glittery.

  • Windows


    What: Framework in window Where: Bernard van Kreelpoort, Veenendaal (Netherlands) Why: Originally this was a house, built in 1906. A rich guy owned it and it was the first house with garden in mainstreet. Nowadays the house is reconstructed to be something special. You can walk through it, only the upper part of the house…

  • Faces


    What: Piece of glasswork by Maria Roosen Where: Exhibition Vuur at Kunsthal Kade in Amersfoort, Netherlands [locations id=”190″] Why: The piece reminded me strongly on Escher’s work “Face” or “Bond of Union”. The exhibition self, well. When I went there it seemed that either artist herself or someone pretending to be the artist was there…

  • Justice


    What: Posters Where: Vintage fair Why: The whole captivated me, the combination of the two. It creates drama. Ok, it is drama. The right one is a theater poster. About the left one, I have no information.

  • Glow


    What: Light art project Elantica by Tom Dekyvere Where: Glow Eindhoven 2017 Why: It’s colourful, it’s geometric it’s art. What more do we need?

  • Factory


    What: Industrial surrounding Where: Germany (location too urbex to share) Why: The industrial touch of this place is inspiring. The way the light came into the dark area, the old windows, the glass half broken sometimes, yet giving that distorted feel. Lovely to be around

  • Reflections


    What: Raindrop on flower Where: Keukenhof, Netherlands Why: Haven’t been to this place. Not as far as I can remember. But some flowers cheer you up always. This was the first shot. Lucky day.

  • Training Zagreb

    Training Zagreb

    What: Train in Zagreb Where: Zagreb, Croatia Why: The old thing looks incredibly handsome in the darkness of the night. After a couple of night randomly walking around it was time to bring some gear along and see the treasures of the town being exposed a bit longer. A memory for many, an icon of…