Bounded rock

Bounded rock


Bond by Anna Reivilä . 
Out of a serie of bounded natural objects like a rock, trees pieces of ice etc. 


Kiasma, Helsinki (Finland)
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For a black and white to capture me, it needs to be extraordinary. As in concert photography, which is my own field of photography, black and white is more than often used to hide the inability to deal with colour, a natural resistance against it has grown on me. But when a photo asks for it, I think it can strenghten the image a lot. This is a perfect example of that. The extra ‘drama’ that comes from it, the color of the white rope on the dark rock is something that creates the fascination with it. Because the weather appears to be a bit moody, the whole turns out exactly as it is meant to. 

Nature is always a thankful subject for a photographer and adding something to a scene can be a bit tricky. Bondage is something you may not immediately associate with it. Kinbaku or Shibari is a Japanese form of art that reached the masses not only as a kinky part of their sexlife but also as something Lady Gaga made quite public in more recent years. How easy would it have been to get a pretty lady to pose in the frame with the ropes? 

Hence, Anna does not take the human as a need in here. The rock in this photo is stunningly bounded, with careful precision and together with the scenery being stunning already we can safely conclude we are looking at a picture that makes you think. In addition to this photo a whole serie exists and it travelled to various places already. Most likely you see it near you some day!

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