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  • Pteridium Aquilinium – Nature’s pageant queen

    Pteridium Aquilinium – Nature’s pageant queen

    What: Beautiful leaf – Pteridium Aquilinium Where: Doetinchem (Netherlands) Why: Aren’t they just the most majestic ones out there. Walking in a moist environment, they are shiny and while approaching them on a sunny day you will see a certain glow. Their shapes are light and while seen in a large group of plants they […]

  • Wear the crown of frost

    Wear the crown of frost

    What: Wear the crown of frost. Where: Veenendaal, Netherlands Why: In the time that climate change is upon us, the question rises whether the earth is simply tilting, seasons shifting. Where once was severe winter snow, cold and ice is now a moderate winter. Iceskating is something the next generation will not grow up with. […]

  • Puddle, no huddle

    Puddle, no huddle

    What: Puddle of water in a dead tree Where: Amerongense berg (Netherlands) Why: Sometimes all you need to calm down is some moments in nature and where often people are drawn to the most gigantic ensembles that nature is giving us, like the highest mountain, the deepest see, the widest river in the area sometime […]

  • Heather in bloom

    Heather in bloom

    What: Purple heather flower Where: Deelerwoud, Netherlands Why: Heather in bloom is one of the most beautiful things to witness. A purple see of beauty is shaping the landscape and when you are early enoughthe rising sun wil make it glow. Also, if you are not early enough you will be surrounded by many, many […]

  • Bounded rock

    Bounded rock

    What: Bond by Anna Reivilä . Out of a serie of bounded natural objects like a rock, trees pieces of ice etc.  Where: Kiasma, Helsinki (Finland)[locations id=’180′] Why: For a black and white to capture me, it needs to be extraordinary. As in concert photography, which is my own field of photography, black and white is […]