Pteridium Aquilinium – Nature’s pageant queen

Pteridium Aquilinium


Beautiful leaf – Pteridium Aquilinium


Doetinchem (Netherlands)


Aren’t they just the most majestic ones out there. Walking in a moist environment, they are shiny and while approaching them on a sunny day you will see a certain glow. Their shapes are light and while seen in a large group of plants they are simply competing each other for being the most beautiful. Standing tall and proud in a field of nature they are sometimes overlooked by a noncritical eye but with the ambitious growth these plants can have at some point they become simply amazing and unmissable.

Have you seen them when the leafs are (party) turning brown? Even in a more death state these are still quite an interesting plant to watch. So much to see and ever ready to shine. True pageant queens of nature – Pteridium Aquilinium .

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