Puddle, no huddle



Puddle of water in a dead tree


Amerongense berg (Netherlands)


Sometimes all you need to calm down is some moments in nature and where often people are drawn to the most gigantic ensembles that nature is giving us, like the highest mountain, the deepest see, the widest river in the area sometime the greatest joy can be found in a small detail which may not be very significant and effectively is overseen by the majority of people.
When you are you taking your time and soak up the details of your surroundings you may be eligible to see more unique wonders of mother earth. Where this dead tree is leaning against what once was his stem, the holes have been forming on the inside.

Being dead in nature means nothing. It means you serve others who are much more alive. The insects, the molds, mushrooms, birds, worms etc. As it shows here, water is supplied and we all know that water is needed for life. So calling that tree dead is almost like you are underestimating it. A little puddle like this is feeding larvae, mosquitoes, flies, or a small bird who found his way over there.

However, the human sees just a dead tree. If you go out in nature to clear your mind, you might as well expand and open it, see more than what the eyes registers first. The light from above, the contrast between the light colors of the tree and the darker parts within make the picture stunning to me. Cradled with love, cradled with life. No, one does not always need to seek out deer, boars or a special bird to be amazed by nature. It has so much more to offer if you are willing to see.

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