Feel the fibers


Fibers 01 from the Fiber collection by Sabine van Gameren


RTIS headquarters (Netherlands)


We are surrounded by them. Fibers. From the clothes you wear, to the blanket you are using to rag you swipe your furniture off with. When looking closer you experience the art that these fibers create on a deeper level. Their function may be different. May it first be to keep you warm, to hold or absorb moisture or to catch the dirt from surfaces that you rather not see it on. Secondly, a function may also be aesthetic pleasure. The colors and patterns to be found around us are also defining for the experience you have with the fibers. However, when you come close are they lost in the mix. As a result there is just a blend of fibers that do not define anything at all. The diversity of fibers is endless and an inspiration to a new series that will be available as print.

The first edition in this post is already available in various sizes, if you are interested in buying a print, you can contact me via info at [this website-url] . Please make sure to order in time if you like to receive your prints before the holiday season. Be aware that Covid-Holiday season-Brexit are delaying postal services.

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