Category: Design

  • Fibers


    What: Fibers 01 from the Fiber collection by Sabine van Gameren Where: RTIS headquarters (Netherlands) Why: We are surrounded by them. Fibers. From the clothes you wear, to the blanket you are using to rag you swipe your furniture off with. When looking closer you experience the art that these fibers create on a deeper […]

  • Lava vase

    Lava vase

    What: A lava vase Where: At my own home. Why a lava vase: The very first time I saw the vase I was hooked. I like the black, raw structure on it. Not immediately making me think of lava, but that what it was called when I saw it in the store. The shape is […]

  • Industrial geometric

    Industrial geometric

    What: An old tower Where: Somewhere in Germany Why: This photo is hanging in my own livingroom, that is how much I like it. I think that by now it is clear I enjoy geometric shapes and this photo has quite some of that. It is a field full of lines and triangles, squares, hexagons, […]

  • Rain Bowl

    Rain Bowl

    What:    Diversity of bowls by Geert Lap  Where: [locations id=”169″] Boijmans van Beuningen, rotterdam (netherlands)   Why: I liked the colours, so soft and nicely arranged. If I saw it in a store I would want them all!

  • Colourful visions

    Colourful visions

    What:Some breathing colour by Hella Jongerius Where:Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (Netherlands)[locations id=”169″] Why:I like vivid colours and how the light, the surroundings and the time of the day influence how you see them. Something I valued from my early photography years until this very day. Hella did a whole exhibitionon it. It is the explainationmark […]

  • Second Skin

    Second Skin

      What:Outfit designed by Grayson Perry Where:Kiasma, Helsinki (Finland)[locations id=”180″] Why:It’s not mine, just to state 😉 But hey, the art of mr Perry is often so bright and colorful that this black leather restictive clothing seems so odd with it. Restriction is maybe something I have seen as a theme in other works also, […]

  • Hit the lights

    Hit the lights

    What: Furniture made by Jeroen Verdaasdonk Where: Object Rotterdam as part of Art Rotterdam Week Why: Well, I did want to show you these ones as well after the previous article about Jeroen Verdaasdonk’s designs. I liked them and you know, if it’s nice, let’s post it twice! 🙂

  • Geometrical furni

    Geometrical furni

    What: Furniture made by Jeroen Verdaasdonk Where: Object Rotterdam as part of Art Rotterdam Week Why: By now I guess people are much aware that I like geometrical stuff. In fact, where was this table when I was looking for new furniture for my apartment last year? I mean, I couldn’t find this. So now […]

  • Cup of tea?

    Cup of tea?

    What: A teaset. Or cacao set. Where: Accidentally ended in my storage. Why: It’s a family piece and belongs to my father. It accidentally ended up in my stuff and I found it when I was looking for something to put in my livingroom. I liked the yellow colout and the crackly texture. The story […]

  • Hidden treasures

    Hidden treasures

    What: I don’t really know exactly what this is. I used it as a mini vase Where: I found it in my possession between the ceramics that have been kept for me since I was a child. Why: Im captivated with it. It looks lovely, butwhat its precise function is, I don’t know. Lovely little […]

  • Serenity in Dom garden

    Serenity in Dom garden

    What: Inner yard of the Dom Where: Utrecht, Netherlands Why: I love to be there, especially in the morning. But also when it’s lunch time. I pick up a sandwich somewhere and sit down between the arches, the lovely garden and the gothic environments are peaceful. Brings you back to a moment of serenity when […]

  • Healthy habits

    Healthy habits

    What: Fruitbasket by ORZ Where: On my dinnertable Why: I love the alessi and always wanted one. But when I was searching for a fruitbasket I somehow strayed away from that and ended up with this one. The lines in the design intrigue me, the shadows it cast when the light falls onto it. And, […]

  • Cradle


    What: Uno Saito – Cradle A piece of glass artwork Where: Unfortunately not at my home. It’s at the exhibition of Jan van der Togt Museum [locations id=”185″] Why: I really liked the use of he colours, the sparkle in it. It reminds me to my time in Japan where I saw these colours so […]

  • One


    What: Yksi storefront Where: Eindhoven (Netherlands) Why: The color drew my attention at first, but the Finnish name was certainly next. Looking through the window, one gets to see a quite industrial, somewhat silly design. Playful!

  • Christmasspirit


    What: Christmasdecoration. Candle: Ikea Holder: Long time in private collection. Where: My Christmastable (Netherlands) Why: When I saw this red candle with this effect, I just knew I wanted it. Just adds a little more than just a solid red one, but is not overly glittery.

  • Factory


    What: Industrial surrounding Where: Germany (location too urbex to share) Why: The industrial touch of this place is inspiring. The way the light came into the dark area, the old windows, the glass half broken sometimes, yet giving that distorted feel. Lovely to be around