Category: Colourful

  • Fibers


    What: Fibers 01 from the Fiber collection by Sabine van Gameren Where: RTIS headquarters (Netherlands) Why: We are surrounded by them. Fibers. From the clothes you wear, to the blanket you are using to rag you swipe your furniture off with. When looking closer you experience the art that these fibers create on a deeper…

  • Heather in bloom

    Heather in bloom

    What: Purple heather flower Where: Deelerwoud, Netherlands Why: Heather in bloom is one of the most beautiful things to witness. A purple see of beauty is shaping the landscape and when you are early enoughthe rising sun wil make it glow. Also, if you are not early enough you will be surrounded by many, many…

  • Welcome to the circus

    Welcome to the circus

    What: Circus made in 1937 by Birger Carlstedt Where: Helsinki Art Museum, Finland[locations id=”203″] Why: I ran into this painting while I was visiting the exhibition about Paris. Various artists were inspired by the romance of this city and HAM brought it together for people to see. The circus was part of that as well. Smartly…

  • Rain Bowl

    Rain Bowl

    What:    Diversity of bowls by Geert Lap  Where: [locations id=”169″] Boijmans van Beuningen, rotterdam (netherlands)   Why: I liked the colours, so soft and nicely arranged. If I saw it in a store I would want them all!

  • Colourful visions

    Colourful visions

    What:Some breathing colour by Hella Jongerius Where:Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (Netherlands)[locations id=”169″] Why:I like vivid colours and how the light, the surroundings and the time of the day influence how you see them. Something I valued from my early photography years until this very day. Hella did a whole exhibitionon it. It is the explainationmark…

  • Peony


    What: Peony Rose Where: My window, Netherlands Why: Girl got to allow herself some flowers. My imagination goes wild with these. Tentacles, a heart, monsters… I see it. Mostly due to some friends being obsessed with either of these.

  • Cubical


    What: Piece of glasswork by Elias Bohumil sr. Where: Jan van der Togt Museum , Amstelveen (Netherlands)[locations id=”185″] Why: Cubic and colourful, the geometric forms always interest me so this caught my attention right away. if the colours had be slightly different I would say a 3d mondriaan. De Stijl has been re-trending lately so…

  • Cradle


    What: Uno Saito – Cradle A piece of glass artwork Where: Unfortunately not at my home. It’s at the exhibition of Jan van der Togt Museum [locations id=”185″] Why: I really liked the use of he colours, the sparkle in it. It reminds me to my time in Japan where I saw these colours so…

  • One


    What: Yksi storefront Where: Eindhoven (Netherlands) Why: The color drew my attention at first, but the Finnish name was certainly next. Looking through the window, one gets to see a quite industrial, somewhat silly design. Playful!

  • Glow


    What: Light art project Elantica by Tom Dekyvere Where: Glow Eindhoven 2017 Why: It’s colourful, it’s geometric it’s art. What more do we need?

  • Reflections


    What: Raindrop on flower Where: Keukenhof, Netherlands Why: Haven’t been to this place. Not as far as I can remember. But some flowers cheer you up always. This was the first shot. Lucky day.