When suddenly Johnny gets the feeling he’s being surrounded by horses, horses, horses, horses



Free roaming horses in nature.


Planken Wambuis, Ede (NL


I have always been a horse person, I have been riding most of my youth, given care to abused horses and helped children getting ready for their lessons. Here the horses roam free in nature. It would be a step to far to say they are wild, they are getting care but they can walk around as they please in the area. When we came across them they were hiding from the wind. Most of them hiding behind a tree. Then I saw these two in the middle of the path. I took this photo from some distance, to not disturb them but one of them has sneaked behind me and came knocking on my shoulder to see what I was doing. And if I could please cuddle a bit. Did not expect that.

After a while they walked away in front of us and when the path splitted our ways went into different directions. When sitting down for a break in the viewpoint they appeared there too. While some older couple was looking and commenting on how they were not afraid of horses at all, they took a run for it when one of them (the same as who tapped my shoulder) came straight at me. Guess they were a little more afraid then they thought. One of the others became a bit annoying, as we were not giving them food at all, so I send him off. Just a soft push and pointing him away was enough.

Horses respect you if you behave like a leader. You must be friendly but setting the bounderies clearly. The other one stayed for a minute or two and then joined the other ones while we left them again.

For more Random Things I saw in nature, look here. If you like to explore Planken Wambuis yourself, have a look at the page of Natuurmonumenten.


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