Cats and boobs

Cats and boobs by Xeniya Balsara


Cats and boobs by Xeniya Balsara


Helsinki, during Gay Pride


During the exhibition, the whole collection got pulled. Regardless the fact that it was a gay pride event it apparantly was not found appropriate enough. What a stupid way of censor, something we did not expact to happen anno 2018. One may wonder why they agreed to the whole happening in the first place. Also, what exactly is wrong with boobs? If you think you and your child should not see boobs, gay pride is not the place to be either. So maybe you should not take you and your child to a gaypride exhibition if you can not support this kind of freedom.

Unfortunately this was not the only place Xeniya got commented on the photographs of this project. The internet was not always that friendly either. Some strong pro and con camps have pulled up. But, controversy is making people start a conversation and isn’t that what artists want? Regardless your opinion, it shows some brave women getting out in the world showing themselves with their beloved cats. 

I don’t own a cat myself as I am convinced I can not give a cat what it needs, but so many ladies have their furry friends on their side making their days just that much better. And also, I have never seen a cat judge a woman for what she was given by nature, in that way they seem more civil than some humans. Let’s keep spreading the message… and enjoy these cats and boobs.

If you have an opinion about the Cats and Boobs series, feel free to share here in the comments, but remember to keep civil. Free speech is one thing, behaving like an adult is another. 

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