Chocolate bar girl

Chocolate Bar Girl


Photo of girl by Mauricio Valverde Arce


Choco Café Don Juan, Monteverde (Costa Rica)


Even though I did not have my camera along while just going out for some food, I knew I had to post this photo on Random Things I Saw, so therefore it is just a cellphone shot. I really don’t know the name of the girl so I refer to her as chocolate bar girl.

It triggered my attention as this one was part of a serie. Not all of the photo’s in the serie were interesting, good portraits  but maybe a bit cliché posed. This one has a little bit of that as well however it comes with something extra. The look of the girl is drawing you into the shot. Enhanced by the rest of her face hidden behind the doll. The background is slightly distracting, but since the framing is quite well chosen it is not too much of an issue. 

Obviously the photo gets helped by it being placed on a bright red wall. The black and white therefore has the chance to gain depth  in the human eye. 

Interesting is, that when looking into the photographer, you mainly find photo’s of bugs and animals. How does a photo like this end up in a chocolate bar? Well, that is a story for the photographer to answer. Imagine just that it may be relatives, neighbours or friends. Chocolate bar girl ended up in the bar more, this is not the only photo to be found there. 

She is photogenic, maybe will be model one day. Who knows, right? Just one thing: The doll has a bit of an eerie look. Maybe just not to the eyes of a child but through mine it is. 

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