Swaying angel

swaying angel


Swaying angel by Raúl Quintanilla armijo


Museo De Arte y Diseno Contemporaneo, San Jose (Costa Rica)

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When I was in Costa Rica I visited the MADC. On exhibition was Rául. Rául is an artist from Nicaragua and he has seen a lot in his life. That, judged by his art as he seem to express a lot of anger in his work. In room one I found out quite fast that he is not keen on religion and what it brought to his country. Also politics are a hot item. Several pieces of art are mocking Christianity and as a metalhead I can laugh about the mockery. In comparison to the part of the more recent protests in Nicaragua of which one part of the exhibition shines light, it seems a topic that unites people for ages worldwide. 

I took this photo in the first place because I thought many of my metal friends would smile about it. Also, there is a certain sense of humor in it. As in, if you have wings, which are free… then hanging does not kill you. All that the swaying angel has to do is fly a bit. However, I assume that detail did not really has a place. In this case it seem to be about the symbolism that is behind it. Kill religion. I can not quite read what text is on the stand below, perhaps a bible text?

In any way, the art is quite straightforward. Just as the rest I have seen of this artist here. But of course that I will write about some other time, I would now like to invite you to share your toughts about it. Some may think it is easy rebelling. But the passion that goes through the collection of this artist makes me feel his anger right here, right now. 

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