Don’t you hate that?

Alexei Gordin


A painting by Alexei Gordin (click for portfolio)


Kiasma, Helsinki (Finland)

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As soon as I saw this painting I had to think of those internet memes saying: ‘Don’t you hate it when that happens’.  Because, isn’t that the purpose of art in some way? Making people think about it longer than just the moment they see it. If you manage to achieve that as an artist, your art is successful. 

And of course, if that happens you may end up being featured at Random Things I Saw, which is even more a sign of success (ok, that was just to boast a bit of course, just a joke). Can you imagine that you go to an exhibition and walk out home and as soon as you are there you have erased all the memory about the exhibition already? What a waste of time and money then, right?! 

As there was some more art by Alexei Gordin to be found at this exhibition I got the idea that the themes and style of this artist are quite taken from the internet culture. The way people express themselves by the memes they share. Alexei does it in painting. But I could absolutely see it as a meme also. 

I like also the way that he uses humor. Sometimes a hint of insecurity is there but over all there is a funny note in them. Makes it easy for people to relate to it! You should visit his website to get to know him and keep an eye on it. Perhaps this is one you can enjoy for quite a while!

If you want to see some more random paintings I saw then I suggest you take a look at this link: (Click here) or use the search option. 


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