Sun through the luxaflex

Anton Heyboer


A piece of art I found at the collection of the museum


Jan van der Togt museum, Amstelveen (Netherlands)
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It is one piece of art that was kind of tucked away. The moment I spotted it between various other random arts, placed in a manner that did not give it full glory. Somewhere there is a sign saying Anton Heyboer, but that does not seem to logical to me. But who knows, the guy did so much that one simply  can’t keep track. So whether it is or is not, I simply can’t say for sure. At least they did not give it much of an A status. 

A pity though, I am quite charmed with this piece of art. I described it as the sun that comes up, seen through the luxaflex, a slight run of my imagination. Would you rather see it as something different, well that is completely up to you. The crackled glass drew my attention, one could have chosen for coloured glass, but due to this choice the whole appears a bit sober, like black and white. And we all know that with just black and white you can create great contrasts that are going in depth. 

And depth in a quite flat piece of art like this is certainly a win. Maybe it does not strike at first, but when looking with a bit more time and attention you start to see it. Personally, I am thinking of how I would light it out, giving it some more shine and have the whole come alive. Maybe put some colour in it after all.  

Well, leads me to the question: Can you confirm the artist, is it Anton Heyboer after all? Having more info on this piece? Don’t be afraid to share it in the comments, I would love to read it. 

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