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  • Sun through the luxaflex

    Sun through the luxaflex

    What: A piece of art I found at the collection of the museum Where: Jan van der Togt museum, Amstelveen (Netherlands)[locations id=’185′] Why: It is one piece of art that was kind of tucked away. The moment I spotted it between various other random arts, placed in a manner that did not give it full…

  • Cubical


    What: Piece of glasswork by Elias Bohumil sr. Where: Jan van der Togt Museum , Amstelveen (Netherlands)[locations id=”185″] Why: Cubic and colourful, the geometric forms always interest me so this caught my attention right away. if the colours had be slightly different I would say a 3d mondriaan. De Stijl has been re-trending lately so…

  • Hand on face

    Hand on face

    What: Selfie bij Ans Markus Where: Jan van der Togt Museum , Amstelveen (Netherlands)[locations id=”185″] Why: I like the versatility of this piece. You can see this in so many ways. A hand that caresses the face. The hand that’s been brought to face when watching something intensively or the hand that’s there to give…

  • Cradle


    What: Uno Saito – Cradle A piece of glass artwork Where: Unfortunately not at my home. It’s at the exhibition of Jan van der Togt Museum [locations id=”185″] Why: I really liked the use of he colours, the sparkle in it. It reminds me to my time in Japan where I saw these colours so…

  • Truth is a lie

    Truth is a lie

    What: Painting by Hans Kanters Where: Jan van der Togt Museum in Amstelveen (Netherlands) [locations id=”185″] Why: I loved witchy creature in her dreamworld. She seems unaffected by opinion of the community, an annoyed careless look for those who feel to comment. A very imaginative world!