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  • Lava vase

    Lava vase

    What: A lava vase Where: At my own home. Why a lava vase: The very first time I saw the vase I was hooked. I like the black, raw structure on it. Not immediately making me think of lava, but that what it was called when I saw it in the store. The shape is […]

  • Peony


    What: Peony Rose Where: My window, Netherlands Why: Girl got to allow herself some flowers. My imagination goes wild with these. Tentacles, a heart, monsters… I see it. Mostly due to some friends being obsessed with either of these.

  • Reflections


    What: Raindrop on flower Where: Keukenhof, Netherlands Why: Haven’t been to this place. Not as far as I can remember. But some flowers cheer you up always. This was the first shot. Lucky day.