Tag: streetart

  • Boombox-art


    What: Streetart of a guy listening to his gettoblaster Where: Leipzich, Germany Why: It made me smile, a musicfan like me can enjoy this. The linework and it being black and white only is giving it its strength. It was made on a screen to deprive your sight from constructionwork.

  • Kids of Iceland

    Kids of Iceland

    What: Kids of Iceland, on a street display Where: Reykjavik, Iceland Why: The kids all have their interesting faces but the passengers not always seem to be aware of the kids staring at them or the funny looks it makes when you observe it from a distance. I have a bunch of photo’s but the […]

  • Gothenburg sails away

    Gothenburg sails away

    What: Artwork I ran into on the streets. Artist unknown. Where: Near Göteborgs Opera. Gothenburg, Sweden Why: I liked the playful curly lines. The day was somewhat gray and rainy, but this sort of cheered me up.